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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Crap forgot to post today

Holy crap long post and I thought this was gonna be a short one.

I missed it by 3 minutes. Apparently I've met a bunch of other people who grind... and one of em lives near me. I'm gonna go hang out with him at some point. I've had multiple people send me gold as of now. I should be level 17 by the time anyone actually reads this. My progress ground to a halt because I couldnt find somewhere to grind that was decent untill a couple hours ago. My boots are actually wearing down which means although I dont wear armor I still get repair bills... And those... are extremely cheap. I have made 3 gold which is a fortune for this level and I still havent noticed much of a difference with the armor thing. My biggest challenge has been publicising this Blog. I started giving out cards at work today with the link on it.

The way I am building currently is attacking one guy... sending my pet at it then changing targets to another guy and killing that while my pet is on cleanup... its very fast and efficient and I kill 2 targets in about 15 seconds. Grinding is much faster than questing currently.

In pvp I completely slapped the crap out of a mage. It was pretty fun he called me the coolest guy ever because I had no pants.

Oh a notice out towards people... I almost always have an insane amount of cloth but I need a ton of meat to feed my fatass pets... I will trade cloth for meat just whisper me in the game and I'll hook you up.

Interesting facts:

-I roflpwned a mage today in pvp 3 times
-I've tried to battlegrounds on 3 seperate occasions and never have I gotten in.
-I had to shave today because I went to work.


At 12:36 AM, Blogger Jake said...

You sir are a man amongst boys

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