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Friday, August 18, 2006

Level 38 and rising

Alright I'm almost 39 and I need a mount. I have about 40 gold at my disposal and theres about 30 left to go... I'm gonna be dirt poor after this but I'll at least be able to move fast. I've been playing alot of diablo II recently so I picked up a bunch of heal potions and chug them randomly. I've been getting into the mentality of killing everything in my path and its really helped me get back into the mindless killing portion of the game. As I am writing this post I am currently firing arrows into some troll's face. Stranglethorn Vale is pretty excellent aside from the random attacks from ?? alliance. I tend to go afk while pveing alot... Mainly because its more entertaining than the actual fight.

So I've learned a few new tactics to fight the alliance with.
1. They are kinda like bears... if you just dont do anything while they are attacking you. They will eventually leave you alone to go find less boring prey.
2. Gold farmers are frightening because they will find you no matter where you are and constantly camp you. Dont fuck with the chineese!
3. If there is a rogue just hit it in the face alot and it will drop easy.
4. Mages are afraid of hunters they just run even if you are attacking them or not.
5. I tried to have a conversation with an alliance I just kept talking to them and they eventually stopped swinging at me in which they responded back in their own language. We had a tea party it was pretty great I set down a campfire and we danced and talked of times past.

In other news I'm gaining notoriety by doing instance runs. I'm "that naked guy" now. I've done RFD a couple times and all of SM a few times. I have the gear... but I cannot use it. Its as if the armor gods are taunting me. My will to not put on the phat loots will not break, as I face the gods and laugh! At 40 another post gets thrown down in general and hunter forums I need to make this a little more public and hopefully blizzard will take notice. I can forsee 3 options that blizzard could take. The first one which is the most reasonable is just to ignore what I am doing as a problem and continue doing what they are doing in regards to balance changes. The second is more drastic it would be a huge nerf to the hunter class in regards to how strong the pet is and how much agility affects critical hits. The third would be my character getting outright deleted and this website shutting down because blizzard not wanting this idea to get out. Cut off the tumor before it spreads...

My first attempt at a SM run was with a member of the guild my cousins are in. He was the only one ever to not group with me because of my lack of armor. It was fairly pitiful that one of the high end guilds on the server are so stuck up and rude that I dont think I can join them later on. Mainly because of the way I keep getting treated when I talk to their members. I'll have to talk to them when I get to 50.

Interesting Facts:
-A massive post for a triumphant return!
-I threw a dance party in goldshire with a couple guildies
-I'm in a new guild "Risen" they are pretty cool they always have something interesting to say.
-I'm afk playing wow right now.
-These posts are being written well in advance now.


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