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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Level 30 and livin it up

There comes a point in every mans life... Where he realizes that hes halfway done with something. That point is when he says to him self, "I've climbed halfway up the mountain the rest cant be so bad" Little does the man know that past the halfway point the incline gets much steeper. Also theres bears up in them thar hills. So now the man must fight bears for footholds in the perilous rock. Thats how it should go right?

So far getting to level 30 has been a cake walk. I log on play for a couple hours and I level and log off. I've mentioned the project to some people I know and they said, "But you are a hunter of course you can do it" but they dont know that I can still solo mobs without my pet. PVP has actually become more of a challenge. I've been getting my ass kicked more often than not at this point so I generally try to avoid combat. Unfortunatly the zone I need to head to to build at is highly contested all the time Hillsbrad! I need to go there till 34 or 35 and then I can head to stranglethorn vale. Basically I think the hardest part is going to be dealing with other players ganking me repeatedly trying to break the armor that I am wearing. Now my new limit I think its going to be in the 45 range. I dont know if I can make it there because I'll be in gank central and will be fighting it out with the big boys. The level 60's

If I didnt lag so horrendusly I would have a /played. I think I'm up to 3 days 4 hours

Interesting facts:
-Still havent gotten up off my lazy ass and called blizzard to ask them about this.
-Friends get in the way of WoW
-Might be getting a mactop
-Bit torrent lags my system too much to play WoW


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