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Saturday, July 01, 2006

27 is such an awkward level


I'm almost 30 but I dont get any new skills which makes this level the "almost there but not yet because you are hoping too much" state of the experiment. I can still take 3 same level mobs at once without breaking a sweat. I'm now devestating in PVP because I have two stun skills and although I dont have armor I havent lost one fight today. I beat the crap out of a fully geared enchanted druid and warrior it was very close though. What I've realised in this is that its more important to disable the pet than it is to disable the hunter. My pet is actually more badass than I am so you need to eliminate him first he doesnt have as many skills as he can but he can still solo a player in pvp... which is frightening. Blizzard if you are reading this was this intended when you first created the game?

I am seriously considering adding more restrictions to this project such as:
-No stat boosting at all only damage additons this removes all armor and weapons that are magic.
-No weapons just go unarmed or maybe a 10 level cap on weapons (if I am 30 I can only use weapons up to level 20)

/Played 2d 16h 39m

Interesting Facts:
-Nerf Pets hps and armor I dont think they are supposed to replace your character.
-Boost armor levels 1-30 this should be more important than it is
-Boost monster damage 1-30 make the game a little harder
-Boost weapons 1-20 those were the hardest levels
-Give wing clip a longer cooldown... I just dominate with that.


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