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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Doing instances are about as efficient as standing next to a lamp.

For the past day I spent countless hours trying to get the damn wingblade. It has prevented me from leveling for quite some time. I'm getting it because I really like the stats and how its an actually decent weapon. I've been trying to do this quest off and on for about a week and I absolutely loathe it. I finally got the thing and I should get a nice weapon for the offhand as well. So now that I'm 26 I'm about to start upgrading everything again. Every 4 levels or so I do this to keep fresh.

Ok enough of this damn WC crap and on to the meat. Today I did not die a single time in pvp against a hunter, a warlock, a druid, and a fully decked out warrior. Most people ended up either running or just getting their faces punched in by my raptor. I just keep getting better at this naked thing over time. I don't take hits and I bring the noise to the party. Engineering is a nice sidekick if you have a flair for the dramatic. One of the fights I was in I started off with a stick of dynamite from the trees and swooped in and had my raptor flank them. Yes I planted my raptor off in the bushes for an ambush and yes it was amazing. The elf was just in a state of shock when I jumped on her and it was absolutely amazing. I'm still scared to crap of battlegrounds because they are geared up specifically to own my ass.

Engineering is starting to take time away from owning crap too. I'm not getting much of a payoff from it especially with the time spent mining and then the time spent crafting stuff. Its a waste of time and money at this point.

/played 2 days 11 hours 56 minutes

Interesting facts:
-There is a trinket that makes you dance... and I must acquire this somehow.
-I don't know if the wingblade was worth it.
-I couldn't upload the image for this post because of an error.


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