The Naked Troll Project

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Level 40

As you can see I have a gigantic pink dinosaur, I got pink for two reasons.
1.) I can claim that this dinosaur is infact chunkasaurus
2.) It matches colors with my good buddy chunkasaurus

Level 40 Forum Fun! *sorta*

The forums were updated so everything got wiped. This means you cant read what happened with my post. Basically the gist of it is that people love to criticize anything that they possibly can. So the good points that were gleaned from the shit that was thrown is that the hunter class is very imbalanced.

Forum Points
-people want me to roll a warrior. I think I might take them up on this offer
-I will no longer wear boots and gloves
-I will no longer wear jewlery

Things that are on the table
-No longer use talents at all. (this is a big one)
-Use weapons 10 levels lower than I should.

I'm gonna start a new special addition to the usual posts. I'm going to try to stuff in building up a naked warrior. With screenshots and the like... We'll see how far a warrior lasts, I think I'd be able to go all the way armor dependancies can suck it!

Jumba Level 40 Played 6 days
OrangeHammer Level 2 played 3 minutes


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