The Naked Troll Project

Saturday, September 09, 2006

49 and standing tall

So today I ground off ogres in ferelas to 48 and then I went to searing gorge and did quests... which was an alright idea cause most of the quests were kill everything in this area for a while. I got like 70% to level and then went to tanaris to finish it off with a couple quests. Quests in the grinding area seem to speed me up... If not for those quests it would have taken me an extra hour to level. Although random 60 alliance kept running by, dismounting and then proceding to gank the shit out of me. I dont know what the hell about this gets them off... killing a naked troll? Or one shotting someone they dont even get honor points for? I joined some random guild my good buddy zeath hooked me up with... But they are not alcoholics and they dont swear enough or make fun of people for my taste. So I decided its finally time to apply to get into the guild I joined the server for. Nightmare on Elf Street... a bunch of friends and family are actually in that guild.

Alas poor Risen... you will always hold a special place in my heart.

People keep telling me to put some damn pants on... I wonder if this is going to progress to threatening to cut my legs off soon.

Along with the whole clothing thing do trinkets count? Cause I have like a sponge or something that removes a bleeding effect. Luffa the wonder sponge. Its more like a secret extra spell than anything else... Doesnt add stats, doesnt add armor... its a spell remove bleeding. I'm gonna consider it that.

Oh something interesting to talk about is the talents I've been picking. I've basically gone down the beast mastery tree. Making my pet as much of a DPS powerhouse as possible. I havent spent points in that tree aside from making my pet hit harder. It is incredibly usefull in pvp to do a bestial wrath so then the damn warlocks and mages cant do crap to it. Also bestial wrath makes my pet giant, red, and deal +50% damage. Intimidation is another good one, a 3 second stun that can easily change the tide of the battle. I recently added +30% pursuit speed which came in handy when a elf tried to run a way... Too bad for him chunkasaurus recently got his running legs on. He chased him down into a river and mauled him to death. So aside from that I put points into marksmanship. The talent that reduces mana for my shots and the one that increases crit chance by 1% for each point. My build works suprisingly well in pvp as well as pve just make sure you hit the mage hard and fast.

In other news, the game is still just as easy.

/played 9 days 4 hours

Interesting Facts:
-I miss Risen
-WoW is my anti-drug
-I wonder if this could lead to a job as a game tester for mmo's?


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