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Monday, September 11, 2006

10 levels left... 25 more than the original hypothesis...

Well... I made it to 50... This calls for another milestone post in the WoW forums. I mentioned it in LFG and the reaction was good. So this time I'm closer to my goal, which is well within reach now. I feel unstoppable now in more than just completing this challenge but also in pvp. A group consisting of a 43 rogue, 42 preist, and I managed to demolish two groups of 5 level 45's. I would set my pet on one... they would be done within 30 seconds even if they mounted, bestial switfness is a godsend. It was a lop sided battle... you know me with no armor, and two low fourtys fighting decked out alliance groups.

I'm going to reach my goal I have no doubt in my mind. The question is before or after the hunter burning crusade talents are released?

In other news... Being naked is a gold mine, It costs around 60s to repair everything, and the loots I sell on the AH rake in the dough. I have single handedly driven down the price of mageweave to 1g per stack on lightingsblade. It is now cheaper than wool which is a pretty magnificent acheivment I think. I spent 10g on just AH fees putting up what I found today, which I hope will be payed back in spades tomorrow.

/played 9 days 13 hours

Interesting Facts:
-I'm really tired right now... and I dont care enough to spell check.
-The screenshot is of my health bar after fighting 6 harpies non stop.
-I will make sure to fraps the event of me acheiving level 60 and put it up on youtube.


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