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Monday, September 11, 2006

Fifty Forum Fun

Here we go an explanation of what I have done up until this point. Sometime late june I was convinced to resubscribe to world of warcraft by my cousins. I started playing again but this time I had to do something to keep me from getting bored. I thought to myself what would make this game as hard as possible, so I looked to the later levels for inspiration. Theres 3 teirs of end game armor and apparently the next teir is so much more powerful than the last. I assumed that this game was extremely armor based for just about everything, dps, damage reduction, mana pool, especially since the accumulated stats through every peice of armor is in the hundreds.

My original goal was to reach level 60 with only wearing gloves and boots. I thought I would not make it past level 25, boy was I wrong. I made it to level 40 and decided to stop wearing armor entirely and I even removed the jewlery.

I am now running around at level 50, with nothing but a polearm, a gun, and a couple trinkets that dont add to stats. I've been accepted to an end game guild and I can't wait to see if I can actually raid.

So here is where I answer the common questions aside from "Why don't you wear armor you freak?"

1. "Put on your damn armor your DPS is gonna be low"

Actually my DPS is equal to if not higher than hunters of equal level with armor on.

2. "You can run instances without armor?"

Yes sir I've run many many instances, I'm becoming fairly infamous on lightningsblade because of it.

3. "What happens when you get to 60?"

Not sure I think I'm gonna have to get to level 70 for burning crusade and then decide what to do.

4. "What are you gonna do with all the raid gear?"

Keep it in a bag so I can still be tier 2 but not wear it. They ask... I show them my tier 2 gear.

5. "Roll a warrior"

Gonna do it once I get to 60.

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At 9:24 AM, Blogger Zanthor said...

50 isn't end game...

60 isn't end game...

70 isn't end game...

70th with full dungeon gear and a good amount of quested gear all enchanted is FINALLY end game.

I'd also call bullshit on this: "Actually my DPS is equal to if not higher than hunters of equal level with armor on."

If you believe that your DPS can match a fully geared hunter then you are mistaken. In fact, the same can be said for every class.

I do think it's amusing that you have leveled this far without gear to speak of... but I think you are genuinely mistaken if you think you can raid end game without it.

Darke - 70 Warrior
Band of the Black Hand

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