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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Forum attack!!!

Level 56 posting this in the general forums.

"In advance I apologize for the long post.

Alright to catch people up who don't know of my quest. I'm leveling from 1-60 without wearing armor. I'm playing a hunter class. So far there really hasnt been a difference since the beginning of the game. I'm completely able to tank a mob while my pet and I are focus firing on a second. I don't think armor really matters in this game especially for pet classes. Yes some of you are going to immediatly say, "Durr hurr this is no big deal because you hide behind your pet" I'm now going to break down why it is infact a big deal.

1.) The lack of armor in PVE does not seem to factor in with survivability at all I can take a good 10-20 hits from mobs around my level. Throughout this entire time it has been a steady scale. The game does not infact get harder as you go along which is incredibly suprising considering with most other MMO's soloing is not possible past level 20.

2.) Economic factor: Repairing my gear is about 15-30 silver. This is an incredibly low number for this level. Along with this I can sell practically anything I pick up aside from quest items which generates an incredible amount of income. I'm not really sure what the average gold of someone around my level is but I have 370g and this is with buying a mount, and decent weapons on the AH along with enchants. If everyone did this the economy would be drastically different. Inflation would be out of control.

3.) PVP is a huge deal with this whole no armor thing. I've beaten the crap out of plently of level 60's out in world pvp and in battlegrounds I dont do too badly. Although I've chosen to play as a defender most of the time so I don't really get out there and get kills. But when I do fight in BG I don't seem to do badly I kick a fair amount of ass. I'm not sure if its actual skills or the class being way to overpowered. I prefer to main humble in that regard so I'm gonna say its the hunter class.

I know the "epic hunters" are going to immediatly whine and tell me to play a warrior class but I know this is because I threaten pretty much everything the class has to offer in a huge nerf. Such as getting rid of our rediculously high base DPS and how badass our pets are.

Also in answer to the inevitable question of "DO U GET GROOPS?" Yes I get tons of instance groups, all I gotta do is explain myself and perform excellently.

Once I reach 60 it is by no means the end of this project. I have plans to start up a mage or a warrior. Not really sure what I feel like playing next. Either way I'd rather have constructive criticism than random attacks on my person. Thanks in advance...

On a final note yes we are totally broken but blizzard is fighting people like me with the BC update. Hunters armor and statistics will scale the power of your pets. This also includes other classes with pets such as warlocks. "

Here is the post


At 1:40 AM, Anonymous eff-dawg said...

So, once BC comes out. what WILL your plan be? Continue on? or suck it up and start wearing armour?

or, i guess, quit WoW altogether. from what I've read you seem like you're constantly teetering on the edge of doing just that.

ps. if you've already explained your plan, sorry.

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