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Friday, November 03, 2006


Well... I had to attend to things in real life and I'm glad I got a little break from WoW. You know... dealing with the physical world is excellent, theres food and things to be had. Oh yeah and papers and midterms and things thats what happened.

Along with dealing with my education I also got to appear on a podcast put on by All Games.

Here is a link to the radio stream.

Its defenatly worth a look because it gets goofy as hell towards the middle of the actual portion I'm speaking in. We get so far off topic its incredible, I love how absolutly crazy that interview was. They have this thing going on where they talk to a MMO corrospondant and I was on last thursday. This thursday was everquest and this guy was serious business. I'm intrigued by the stark contrast between our personalities with myself being this goofy guy whos really playful and doesnt take the game too seriously where he seems to be all about the serious business aspect of this.

Do I count as a hardcore mmo gamer? I mean I don't really take this too seriously but... I did beat the game naked.

Interesting Facts:
-Naked Warrior is now level 17


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