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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Operation Tinfoil Armor

Well now that I'm 60 its getting much harder to get into groups without wearing armor. At this point I really have 3 options.

1. I could lie and say that I am the victim of a keylogger. This has worked every time I've used it, which happens to be once. I don't really like lieing to get a group, it feels so immoral.

2. I could stay armorless and gain infamy and get even less groups, and stick to groups of friends or guildmates. Hopefully the damage isnt completely done here and I still have a chance to redeem myself on this server.

3. I could put on level 1 gear, like tattered leather armor and stuff like that to give me the look that I am actually wearing armor. Infact I went to durotar today and bought clothes off the newbies backs for 1g a peice. Or... I could get high level gear, and break it and just not take it off.

Personally I like the third option the best, I think its absolutly hillarious. If this was LB I'm sure I could easily get a group but instead I'm on Mal'Ganis which doesn't know me and I don't really have anyone to vouch for me. If you attempt a project like this, make friends early and try to stay within their range. Also dont switch servers because you will lose your "street cred".

So now I have the auxillary tinfoil armor. Technically its as effective as being naked. Doesn't add armor or statistics, I'm still golden. Although I have yet to use it, with the last rend run going sucessfull and nobody bailing or discriminating against me for my lack of armor.

Interesting Facts:
-Oh god I hope nobody who groups with me that hates me reads this.
-If you do group with me and are one of my supporters don't let this out.
-Rend run completed!


At 9:23 AM, Blogger Detcefni said...

Hahah TINFOIL!!! Love it.

At 1:34 PM, Blogger NBE Project said...

Hey man im starting a project like this once bc gets rlsed. check out

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