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Friday, October 13, 2006

50th post I hate LBRS

Lower Black Rock Spire(LBRS) is the most mind numbing, buggy, obnoxious, terrible instance I have ever run. I hate it more than I hate Maradon, and I really hate Maradon. To define this hatred you basically need to take everything you like about something and then pervert it just enough that its annoying. This is what LBRS is like, a steaming pile of crap that used to be a delicious pie. I can't be saying all this stuff without anything to back it up can I? Here are some awesome reasons why LBRS is a festering diseased wretch of a dungeon.

1. It has a massive bug. There is a hole in the floor where you can fall into, and then you die. This is a pretty easy hole to fall into also. This isnt the problem, the problem is that when you die this way you have to go back to the instance and then you get teleported back to the graveyard. Then you have to run back a second time.

2. The later parts of the instance are actually easier than the beginning. We wiped 3 times on the beginning area unlike the later areas which we just tore through like a fat kid on a cake.

3. The dungeon takes so long that quite literally the only two people in the group who remained from the original set was me and the other hunter.

Good news however, my group prevailed over the 400 hours that it took to get through that damn cesspit. I hopefully never have to return there for my very soul will shatter if I do. Now I get to go kill rend for the third part in the glory and wonder of the Onyxia/Drakefire Amulet chain.

Interesting facts:
-Its the 50th post just incase anyone cares.


At 7:31 PM, Blogger Detcefni said...

Hey!! Remember me? I finally decided to take up the challenge just like you!! I hope to have some fun with this!

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