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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I had a chat with a GM after I leveled.

Here is approximately how it went. The order of some lines were altered in order to make it flow better for reading.

GM : ::The ground rumbles beneath your feet and a bald head thrusts upward, dirt spraying in all directions.::
GM : *Cough* *hack* *cough* Greetings, Juffowup. Game Master here! How are you doing today?
Juffowup : I love your flair for showmanship
Juffowup : Well I went from level 1 to 60 without wearing armor and I want an official response to this
GM : Aye I had a chance to check out your website, Nice work =) thanks for petitioning about your great feat, what can I help you with?
Juffowup : I have many questions to ask :P
Juffowup : Was this supposed to be possible from the beginning?
GM : Well I'm not a developer, but I would assume that since you achieved it then it was made to be possible, only extremely difficult and time consuming

Juffowup : so I've talked to two previous GM's and I asked them if they knew what I was doing and they made reference that they have. Is this true?
GM : That the developers knew, or that they personally knew? Because I personally had no idea it was quite a surprise =)
Juffowup : yeah if they actually knew about me and is the reaction you had a good or bad one?
Juffowup : I've noticed some interesting changes for burning crusade that would actually effect me they are changing the way pets work in regards to equipment it feels like a direct response to what I have done. Especially considering the timing of it.
GM : I cant speak for what the development team is aware of. But my reaction was positive, its quite impressive to me
Juffowup : Thankyou
Juffowup : The whole thing about it being time considering my /played is only 14 days 13 hours which is actually faster than what it took most of my friends to get through the game
GM : I would think the idea is to make it hard, but not impossible to achieve goals in the game through more than one method or playstyle.
As for your time taken, I do know of many players who have been able to go to 60 in about 5-6 days played
Juffowup : Alright would there be a way for me to talk to the developers about this? Or can you pass the word on so at least someone that deals with balance knows?
GM : Well we have no direct line here =) the best way to communicate with them would be through our suggestions forum, which is specifically read every day for feedback and ideas on topics like this
Juffowup : alright thanks
GM : I'm sure what you've done would garner a response from the community team which may be able to give you some information.
Juffowup : Alright I'll let you go thankyou for your time

In addition to this I just want to get this out of the way so all the content that I had set up for level 60 would be in one post.

I have to bring a couple weird events up which probably does not have anything to do with me and pure coincidence.
1.) I mentioned earlier multiple times that the blizzard was waiting for me to gain level 60 to release the hunter talents. The day after the level the hunter talents are released.
2.) Hunter class changes in regards to pets seem like a direct response to what I was doing. They changed the pets so that they would scale up with bonuses from the armor.

Interesting Facts:
-Well I lost my wacom pen a few weeks ago and have been too lazy to order a new one. I tried to draw a picture for this post but I couldnt get anything that looked good out.
-If I had a picture of a GM that would be awesome.


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