The Naked Troll Project

Sunday, January 21, 2007


I was wandering around in my local gamestop and I started talking to the clerk about videogames and why command and conquer kicks ass. It turns out that he saw me in massive magazine and said, "Wait a minute, you are the naked guy?" So he freaks out and goes, "GIVE ME YOUR SIGNATURE!" So I do because I'm an egotistical fucker and can't help but stroke my ego at every turn.

So here is the recap: Up untill moments ago I was planning to leave WoW forever in favor of one of their new competitors Vanguard. That all came crashing to a halt when I got a taste of local fame. Which gives me enough of a high to want to continue playing WoW in order to feed my addiction. I know for a fact that people have stopped reading this blog as the counter on the bottom left hand corner has stopped moving. I can hopefully re kindle this with my triumphant return to World of Elfcraft.

I'm currently updating and hoping my guild hasnt booted me for a month of inactivity. Cause well it turns out wow might just be serious business. What I would love to happen is to get sponsored by someone so I can be like... Yay I dont have to pay 15 a month.

FUCK.... Back to the grind!

Interesting Facts:
-Jake will be happy that I've come back
-I want to die
-Please somebody stop blizzard from making more of this shit.


At 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dude! This is the naked priest project guy, long time no see!!!! I finally got me a working and brand new cpu. I can run FRAPS quite beautifully with out any problems at all and with excellent fps. I plan to make a blood elf hunter naked to 70! During my boredom I managed to get an orc hunter naked all the way to level 50 in about 4 days played time.. So what I plan to do is make a blood elf naked hunter to 70 in the fastest possible played time, and have it all RECORDED. Well I definitely will have 1-10 recorded, and might only record the dings later on, depending on file sizes and compressing I could do. I am also glad u made a new post, cus I was going to start this project tomorrow as soon as I can (be around 3 pm eastern time, cus of classes during the morning). heres my email address, , if you want to email me. I might make the blog tonight, if not tomorrow, Like I said I am going to record the whole thing.

At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Vigilante Pope said...

I still read your blog

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, this is the naked priest project guy (same guy as the above anonymous poster), I finally made the blog, and will commence leveling shortly.

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