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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Large amounts of news for a lack of posts.

Again I am sorry for the lack of posts recently. I have not been able to play WoW for about 3 weeks because I've had an incredible amount of papers to write. Good news is that I'm not failing any classes. Bad news is however I need to fix up my website before this magazine article hits store shelves. I'm going to be in the december issue of Massive Magazine. Theres an interview in it and I hope I got portrayed in the way I had hoped. Which is a goofy bastard who writes things about a videogame that he played naked.

So heres the bad news. My graphics card shit the bed, which means its artifacting heavilly and I can't get any work done in my regular life or play games till this damn thing is replaced. I won't be able to play wow this weekend till sunday afternoon at least. Which means no posts till Sunday night.

Here we go... heres the reason I wont be able to post till late sunday night. My friend has convinced me that he and I need to sit in front of best buy for three days. By sit I mean camp out for the Wii. I actually couldnt care less for the Wii I mean I'll buy it if it turns out I get paid tomorrow. However if I didn't I'll camp out anyway for the social aspect. I'm a nerd for sociology and I want to know what makes this mass insanity tick. There will be pictres taken and I will report my progress. You get to see me become grungy and creepy over the course of three days.

See ya sunday!

Interesting Facts:
-Naked Warrior is now 18
-I think the other naked projects crapped out...

Artifacts in the posted image:
-My bicep is missing
-One of the verticies from some tree is warped and placed somewhere out in the distance.


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