The Naked Troll Project

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Naked Troll gets hacked!

This is a very special post. I recently received an email from Blizzard stating that my account has been suspended for 3 hours and my password reset due to suspicious activity. Apparently someone managed to get my username and pw then start making chars to spam on various servers. Lucky for me my characters don't have anything of value anyways to steal. So I proudly scream to the heavens HAHA SUCKERS! YOU JUST HACKED THE NAKED TROLL! Enjoy your lack of phat loots!

I'm still doing this sorry for the lack of updates I've been continually swamped at work, we are in crunch time currently so all my efforts are being spent there.

And to my friend who sent me a skype message, "Jubbles has not been online in 29 days" CURRRRSSEEEES!

Interesting facts.
-Still working insanely hard on personal projects so I haven't been on recently.
-I've become addicted to a mage character I rolled before transfering my naked hunter back to lightning's blade.
-Must finish work so I can play WoW again!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Return to the ancestral home.

After taking a several year sabbatical from World of Warcraft I recommit myself to completing the challenge I set forth previously. This time I am going to go all the way to 85. It's going to be slow going because at this point in my life I am a super busy man.

The big news is I've returned to Lightnings Blade my ancestral home. A few of my old friends from the time of the original NTproject have come back with me to aid my insanity. Unfortunately my name was taken and I've changed a third time to Jubbles. Yep Jubbles on Lightning's Blade. Chunkasaurus however is still his pudgy pink raptor self.

I'm going to attempt to clean up the spam posts and it's time to kick some ass.

This time will be different than the last where I just didn't have the motivation to complete the journey to 70 since everything was same old. Blizzard did major changes to the game and hunters since I've left including creating a bigger emphasis on armor than ever before. We'll see if I can plow my way to the top again and I'll keep everyone up to date on my exploits.