The Naked Troll Project

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Naked Troll Project Raids Ony!

Today was my very first raid as a naked troll. It was a pick up group and nobody bugged me about my lack of armor. I think mainly because I was lost in the sea of people and nobody cared. My DPS was better than a couple other hunters but my survivability lacks something. I made it to phase 3 and then I got the crap feared out of me and I died on one of the cracks cause nobody explained it to me. All went well and good I never got yelled at and I'm sure the next run will go much better. ANYWAYS ONY DIED AND I"M HAPPY!

I decided to capture this wonderful moment on video so I get to edit it and put it on youtube!

Speaking of youtube... I watched something so utterly hillarious that I could not stop laughing for an hour. My ribs hurt so bad after I was done. I normally don't do this but heres a link. About 50% of the people I showed it to found it funny. Elephants are funny.

Interesting Facts:
-On the Ony run I got the black dragon sinew.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Lol this is my raid gear.

So I finished up the ony key and killed Drak, and now I decided to go on a uhh UBRS run with a bunch of people from my guild. Cause they are drunken awesome mofos and apparently this is the fastest UBRS run I've ever been on. It was some very good times, lots of swearing lots of random bursts of rage. Some people in my guild said something along the lines of, "I knew you were naked but I didn't know you did this all the time."

In all seriousness I think rings and necklaces might be a good investment for me, I don't really know why I never wore them before aside from the fact that they are equippable. These things can really add to my crit chance and make me somewhat more usefull. So I get to twiddle stats on jewlery to get the most dps output possible. Or I could just go for fire resistance cause that stuff is sweet.

I switched to marksmanship to increase my awesome DPS, and HOLY CRAP did it make a difference. Now instead of hitting from 100-200 now I hit for 300-400 with auto shot. I crit for 1k off a multi shot which was pretty crazy. I also crit for 2.2k on a aimed shot, I assume that I can probably get a higher crit out of that.

Ony... I'm callin you out!

Interesting Facts:
-The Beast always kills me.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I killed a few dragons!

So I'm 2/4's of the way done with the world dragon portion of my onyxia key, this damn thing takes way too long to finish its been a week. I've been told that I'm gonna hate UBRS after running it so much, I'd have to say that its actually one of my favorite instances in the game. I love the giant monsters and the amount of teamwork that goes in to the fights. I think I'm gonna love raiding when I get into it.

I got to level 16 with my warrior, things are getting vaguely easier now because I just got higher level skills.. I might get to 20 this weekend on him but I have a bunch of projects to work on. You know projects outside of the naked troll project.

Interesting Facts:
-I've listened to paniq almost exclusivly the past week.
-"Screen Captured!"

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gotta kill a buncha dragons!

I'm at the wonderful part in the Onyxia Key quest chain where I get to hunt down and kill 3-4 dragons. However the real point is tonight I have gained acceptance among a raid group, I gained their respect as opposed to being called the noob without armor. They didn't boot me from the group which is really awesome of them, probably because I am the only hunter. They didn't actually notice I wasnt wearing armor till the ninja costume wore off which is probably a really good thing. Thats what I assume secured my ranking among them because they didnt get a chance to descriminate against my lack of armor. I need to load up a DPS meter on the computer I've been working on for the past week or so because I havent been able to keep tabs on how I rank against my peers. This I went through UBRS (upper black rock spire) we went the whole way, the biggest problem I faced was The Beast. He was gunning for me for some reason it was really odd. Anyways I managed to kite Drak sucessfully which was a great experience. In fact I managed to not take any damage during that.

On the second front of this war I got my warrior to level 15 because I'ma lazy punk, hes a pain in the ass to level because he constantly dies. If you see a naked tauren warrior out in the barrens running from green mobs... Thats me. Its pretty spectacular to see the massive differences between a hunter and a warrior in regards to this. I think my hunter could actually take more hits than my warrior is at this level. The major difference aside from class is race and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. I use warstomp all the time and I would not trade it for anything. That racial is my bread and butter, I use it in any fight with multiple mobs and it saves my ass. Right now I'm using a mace and a sheild. Even with the armor from the sheild I get trounced. Hell I tried using defender stance for a little while, I just got my ass beat worse. I cannot wait till I get dual weild. That will probably be in a couple days.

Interesting Facts:
-Dragon Eyes are fun to collect!
-I'm a hero!
-New Naked Rogue project started.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A new beginning

Round Two of the Naked Troll Project has begun! I have infact been building a warrior while I've been tooling around trying to get an onyxia key. I've made it to level 14 so far in order to keep up pace with the Naked Priest Project. I'm noticing some big differences already and the big idea of is this possible keeps popping up in my head. I don't know if you can actually do this one, I've never played a warrior before so I really don't know what I am doing.

My current thoughts on this are that levels 1-20 are going to be the hardest because from what I know you don't get as many offensive skills as you do post level 20. Dual weild is going to make this a whole lot easier. As of right now the hardest levels I've faced have been 5-12. 14 so far seems like a breeze but then again I went to the AH and bought a green weapon and things have gone much better since then. As I go along this time I will be releasing a map of the world that will update as I reach grinding spots so people can follow in my footsteps. Screw paying for a grinding guide. You've got a free one right here.

Interesting Facts:
-Naked Tauren Warrior resides on Mal'Ganis and the name is Greenhammer.

The Naked Collaboration

Apparently the nakedness thing is enough of a problem for someone to make a note of it in LFG. "be good or be geared"

Alright so I'm noticing theres about 2 other people working on these naked projects. My current plan is to actually use this website as sort of a hub to information on all of these naked projects.
Yes the goal is that every class needs to be done. At least three are in progress right now. Send me an email or drop a comment if you are interested in joining the project listings. (community?)


Hunter...............60 Getting Attunements
Priest.................13 Active
Warrior..............11 Active

I have infact started a warrior, and although he is not a troll I will be posting his progress on this blog. There will be a more indepth post later tonight.

Interesting Facts:
-Operation Tinfoil armor is sucessfull.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Operation Tinfoil Armor

Well now that I'm 60 its getting much harder to get into groups without wearing armor. At this point I really have 3 options.

1. I could lie and say that I am the victim of a keylogger. This has worked every time I've used it, which happens to be once. I don't really like lieing to get a group, it feels so immoral.

2. I could stay armorless and gain infamy and get even less groups, and stick to groups of friends or guildmates. Hopefully the damage isnt completely done here and I still have a chance to redeem myself on this server.

3. I could put on level 1 gear, like tattered leather armor and stuff like that to give me the look that I am actually wearing armor. Infact I went to durotar today and bought clothes off the newbies backs for 1g a peice. Or... I could get high level gear, and break it and just not take it off.

Personally I like the third option the best, I think its absolutly hillarious. If this was LB I'm sure I could easily get a group but instead I'm on Mal'Ganis which doesn't know me and I don't really have anyone to vouch for me. If you attempt a project like this, make friends early and try to stay within their range. Also dont switch servers because you will lose your "street cred".

So now I have the auxillary tinfoil armor. Technically its as effective as being naked. Doesn't add armor or statistics, I'm still golden. Although I have yet to use it, with the last rend run going sucessfull and nobody bailing or discriminating against me for my lack of armor.

Interesting Facts:
-Oh god I hope nobody who groups with me that hates me reads this.
-If you do group with me and are one of my supporters don't let this out.
-Rend run completed!

Friday, October 13, 2006

50th post I hate LBRS

Lower Black Rock Spire(LBRS) is the most mind numbing, buggy, obnoxious, terrible instance I have ever run. I hate it more than I hate Maradon, and I really hate Maradon. To define this hatred you basically need to take everything you like about something and then pervert it just enough that its annoying. This is what LBRS is like, a steaming pile of crap that used to be a delicious pie. I can't be saying all this stuff without anything to back it up can I? Here are some awesome reasons why LBRS is a festering diseased wretch of a dungeon.

1. It has a massive bug. There is a hole in the floor where you can fall into, and then you die. This is a pretty easy hole to fall into also. This isnt the problem, the problem is that when you die this way you have to go back to the instance and then you get teleported back to the graveyard. Then you have to run back a second time.

2. The later parts of the instance are actually easier than the beginning. We wiped 3 times on the beginning area unlike the later areas which we just tore through like a fat kid on a cake.

3. The dungeon takes so long that quite literally the only two people in the group who remained from the original set was me and the other hunter.

Good news however, my group prevailed over the 400 hours that it took to get through that damn cesspit. I hopefully never have to return there for my very soul will shatter if I do. Now I get to go kill rend for the third part in the glory and wonder of the Onyxia/Drakefire Amulet chain.

Interesting facts:
-Its the 50th post just incase anyone cares.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Plans for the future are currently being drawn.

I love LBRS I haven't sucessfully ran it. Or hell I have not even started the instance. It seems like a pain in the ass to get considering It took me around 4 hours to get a full group. But wait thats not all just before we enter the instance its collapses into itself like the death of a star or like. I need to get this damn Ony Key so I can raid.

I must discuss things with my cohorts as to what my next big goals should be. I obviously can't leave the 400 billion newcomers to this website hanging. I need to plod on with new firm ideas that will shake the very earth off its orbit. What I need is a plan which I am currently drawing up. Some of the ideas I am toying with right now might be impossible goals.

The most probable ideas what I have right now and am currently working for is:
1. Kill Onyxia
2. Get as high rank as possible in battlegrounds before BC comes out and borks the system.

In other news I snuck into stormwind, and rode the Deeprun Tram while waiting for LBRS groups. Bringing a smile to the faces of alliance everywhere. So I compiled a video of me dancing with a bunch of alliance and basically tooling around in aliance territory.

Interesting Facts:
-Initially I was too lazy to install my video editor. But after about an hour of dicking around with Windows Movie Maker I deemed it trashy and was forced to install an alternative.
-Hopefully posts from here on out will be more normal and less to do with the internets reaction to my project and more with the project itself.

WoW... word spreads fast *hyuk*

I'm creating a list of websites that I had to search down that actually have a mention of me on them. Here is the list as of now in the order that I found them. Please note that none of these are actually directly responsible by me. The digg article came out of nowhere and it exploded from then on. I give my greatest gratitude to you mystery person who placed my article at Without you none of this would have happened.

digg - Guy Gets to Level 60 in WoW...Naked

Naked Troll Project reaches its goal - World of Warcraft News - QJ.NET

One naked Troll, a dream, and a lot of free time - WOW Insider

0 to 60 in Skivvies - Kotaku

This forum post is pretty sweet.

Apparently now NTProject spans cross cultures. (dutch website)

The post over at

Interesting Facts:
-Promote the promoters?
-Allakazahm data fixed.
-Tired and weary from two nights of paper writing.
-Got booted from a BRD group for not wearing armor.
-Mysteriously the blog unpublished itself. I hope this doesnt happen again.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I had a chat with a GM after I leveled.

Here is approximately how it went. The order of some lines were altered in order to make it flow better for reading.

GM : ::The ground rumbles beneath your feet and a bald head thrusts upward, dirt spraying in all directions.::
GM : *Cough* *hack* *cough* Greetings, Juffowup. Game Master here! How are you doing today?
Juffowup : I love your flair for showmanship
Juffowup : Well I went from level 1 to 60 without wearing armor and I want an official response to this
GM : Aye I had a chance to check out your website, Nice work =) thanks for petitioning about your great feat, what can I help you with?
Juffowup : I have many questions to ask :P
Juffowup : Was this supposed to be possible from the beginning?
GM : Well I'm not a developer, but I would assume that since you achieved it then it was made to be possible, only extremely difficult and time consuming

Juffowup : so I've talked to two previous GM's and I asked them if they knew what I was doing and they made reference that they have. Is this true?
GM : That the developers knew, or that they personally knew? Because I personally had no idea it was quite a surprise =)
Juffowup : yeah if they actually knew about me and is the reaction you had a good or bad one?
Juffowup : I've noticed some interesting changes for burning crusade that would actually effect me they are changing the way pets work in regards to equipment it feels like a direct response to what I have done. Especially considering the timing of it.
GM : I cant speak for what the development team is aware of. But my reaction was positive, its quite impressive to me
Juffowup : Thankyou
Juffowup : The whole thing about it being time considering my /played is only 14 days 13 hours which is actually faster than what it took most of my friends to get through the game
GM : I would think the idea is to make it hard, but not impossible to achieve goals in the game through more than one method or playstyle.
As for your time taken, I do know of many players who have been able to go to 60 in about 5-6 days played
Juffowup : Alright would there be a way for me to talk to the developers about this? Or can you pass the word on so at least someone that deals with balance knows?
GM : Well we have no direct line here =) the best way to communicate with them would be through our suggestions forum, which is specifically read every day for feedback and ideas on topics like this
Juffowup : alright thanks
GM : I'm sure what you've done would garner a response from the community team which may be able to give you some information.
Juffowup : Alright I'll let you go thankyou for your time

In addition to this I just want to get this out of the way so all the content that I had set up for level 60 would be in one post.

I have to bring a couple weird events up which probably does not have anything to do with me and pure coincidence.
1.) I mentioned earlier multiple times that the blizzard was waiting for me to gain level 60 to release the hunter talents. The day after the level the hunter talents are released.
2.) Hunter class changes in regards to pets seem like a direct response to what I was doing. They changed the pets so that they would scale up with bonuses from the armor.

Interesting Facts:
-Well I lost my wacom pen a few weeks ago and have been too lazy to order a new one. I tried to draw a picture for this post but I couldnt get anything that looked good out.
-If I had a picture of a GM that would be awesome.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Naked Dance Party

Well its not exactly the one I described earlier. But it is drunken and people are naked. Theres no GM's though but its still awesome.

Holy crap the internet found me!

I have two new goals. I'm gonna get as far up the PVP ranking as I can before BC hits so I'm not permenantly labled "Scout Juffowup" and I'm also going to get ready for raiding.

I got 2000 hits yesterday. I guess that final forum post really hit its mark. And today... I got 14000 hits.

I've figured out what I want to do as a temporary fix for not grinding my naked ass up any more levels. Well it can be considered a form of grinding, I'm gonna see how far I can get up in the PVP rankings over the next few weeks.

Also I've talked to my guild about letting me raid naked. They actually seem to be ok with it. They are going to help me get the leaf from Molten Core so I can actually have a decent weapon to raid with. Over the next week I will be trying to get the Ony Key so I can properly raid.

Oh uhh two other important things happened.

About 3 people sent me tells that they saw me on the internet. The first one saw me through the blog and the forum post. But now these two new people saw me through Holy shit... I'm on digg. Thats all I could respond with.

Speaking of which one of them is helping me get MC attunement at this very second. Thats what is in the image for this post.

This is a link to the Digg post

Interesting Facts:
-Holy shit I'm on digg
-I wonder how long till slashdot picks up on me.
-I did not actually post this on digg. I just found out about it.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

THE FINAL POST!? I think not!

Level 60 baby!!!

Now for the lengthy recap of the situation and the progress I have made up until this point.

In late june I was coerced into playing WoW again by my cousins. I decided I would play again because they all happened to be on one server and I had nothing better to do with my life. My reason for quitting last time was that I was bored with the game and questing had become very tedious. So something needed to be changed or else I would not be able to play the game for a long period of time. So I looked at the game for some time, trying to figure out a way to make this interesting to me again. Some kind of challenge that I could do to make the game difficult. My biggest complaint was that the game was too easy. So I really wanted to make the game hard so I could not get bored while playing.

I chose to play through the entire game without armor. But what class and race would this be remotely possible with? My first instinct was shaman because they are a really beefy class. They can heal, deal burst damage and tank fairly well. The swiss army knife of classes. This idea quickly passed as I realized the incredible amount of armor dependancy they had. They needed armor for their mana pool and to protect themselves from harm, they are a melee class after all. Next idea was a mage but that wouldnt really be that difficult considering all they do is sit in the back and cast some kind of missle. Here we go I decided to pick the class that I think this would be the most possible with. A Hunter because the pet would take the hits for me therefore I wouldnt have to take damage. I could dual weild so I could get a bunch of stats on my weapons and basically be good to go.

Next up was the choice of race, It was between troll and orc really. I really had to weigh between stun resistance and regeneration + berzerking. Stun resistance is great for PVP but berzerking is good for all around awesome. 10-30% increase in attack speed is pretty great this is including casting, melee, ranged. I am fairly sure most of my characters from now on will be troll. I also really like the 10% regeneration in combat for health. Thats a huge bonus if you have a ton of spirit gear. I want to try making a spirit warrior at some point and see what happens.

My first hypothesis was that I would not make it past level 25 so I needed all the help I could get. I decided to wear gloves and boots to help me out. As I continued to level things just got easier and easier. I kept pushing my estimate of ending forward by 10 levels each time. By level 40 I had gotten rid of anything that I wore aside from trinkets (which didnt add any stats). So I was then fully naked and continued my endless grinding. Infact it was more entertaining to me to sit there grinding in one spot than to actually wander around doing quests. I also enjoyed being alone so I can talk on AIM or listen to music. It was actually kind of soothing to just wander in circles annihilating enemies. Althought this does not mean I didnt go on any instances. Instances are where I met most of my friends on Lightning's Blade.

Some where in the 50's My friends started playing again on Mal'Ganis so I did a character transfer and changed server. My name changed from Jumba to Juffowup which is unfortunate but a decent name none the less. CURSE YOU MAL'GANIS JUMBA I WILL FIND YOU!

Anyways back to the story closing in on 60 was the most frustrating experience I've had in this game. Level 60's were almost constantly farming the spots that I deemed decent to grind at. Infact many places were really terrible places to grind. The exp did not ramp up with level past 55. I may have been grinding at the wrong spots but it was just terrible and obnoxious in the amount of time you had to spend to level. EPL was the worst. I basically spent level 46-60 in Azshara. Which was pretty nice considering that there were alot less people there than in EPL.

I'm actually kind of nervous as to what I do now considering I finally made it to 60. Do I wear armor? If so should I restrict myself to specific kinds? I've been BGing and I'm doing average. I just need to get used to this dealing with people who have insane gear thing. The future is uncertain.

I do know some things. I want to raid.

Forum post
/played 14 days 10 hours Level 60

607 xp to 60

I'm retiring for the night. I want to have a drunken party with the GM's and also I want to take some BG PVP footage before I get into the 60's zone where I will most undoubtably get constantly stomped.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Anticipation is quite litterally threatening to tear my body apart like the vicious angry anus of a black hole. Taking what was once beautiful and churning it into billions of particles and spewing it forth as a gamma ray burst. The longing for being able to just dick around Orgrimmar is excruciating. Alright all previous level 60's before me... I'm calling you out. I fucking hate you stop camping the damn spawns I need to gain exp off of. That is the largest problem with this project and its not even a problem based on armor. Its the excruciating grinding at the end its just boring as hell. With the addition of people jacking my monsters it makes it a grueling boring experience. I long for the times I can just be alone while I endlessly mill about an area searching for glorious glorious exp. I have some respite due to the fact that its all about to be over soon.

I am still unsure of wether I will continue not wearing armor at the end. I have conflicting ideas of what I should do. One of my friends pointed out a interesting fact that continuing to not wear armor is like refusing to stop running after finishing a marathon. The problem with this is I dont know if I will actually be done with this project. Do I need to go through the raids and get epic weapons? I need to find a proper point of closure for this project because I cannot possibly sustain it the way I have past 60.

To this date. I have not suffered a single issue because of my lack of armor aside from descrimination from fellow players. However most have given me positive feedback there are some who hate me for unknown reasons.

Things I can do to potentially salvage a secondary goal aside from leveling to 60.
1. Getting high ranked in BG.
2. Collect the teir sets and put them in bags for safe keeping
3. Create a second character to do this with.

/played 13 days 20 hours

Interesting Facts:
-Players to Bot Ratio on Mal'Ganis 1:100
-There will be MUCH more profanity in the 60 post.
-Level 60 is going to be a huge post.
-Gonna fraps getting level 60