The Naked Troll Project

Friday, July 28, 2006

Rushing to find a screenshot for this post.

Alright so I have been back in the game. However I have not been posting as often. I guess its because I'm rocking out so hard again. I'm 33 and its taking about 3 hours to level which is a pain in the ass. I really dont like sitting in one spot killing the same monsters for about 3 hours. So I havent been posting because I've been playing. Recap of the past few days: I humiliated many many higher level alliance players by beating them without armor. The easy kill turned into a badass dinosaur shooting machine of fire. That doesnt make sense. Anyways I'm struggling to get back into the rhythm. So much crap is going on in my life that its hard to get into this whole mentalitiy. I need to pick a day that I can just go in and not worry about people.

Interesting Facts:
-I'm too lazy to go for multiple levels a day but I know I can.
-If I go for multiple levels a day I'll feel like an addict.
-I'm very un addicted to WoW infact I have to push myself to play.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Still naked, still a troll, still a hunter...

Alright I'm back in the game! I'm going to try to post every day no matter if I play WoW or not. Mainly to force myself back into the grinding mood. I made it to level 32 last night and I'm about halfway to 33. I'm going to post another publicity post on the WoW forums today. I think one in general and one in the hunter forum so it doesnt get buried as fast. I did get 200 views in the time it took me to get a soda on the general forums.
Its still just as easy to level as before and desolace is a EXP goldmine. I have never seen an alliance there, its like they avoid the place for some reason. I go there and hunt to my hearts content and theres no jackhole trying to kill me for their family's honor.
However now I'm in Arathi highlands for my exping pleasure. Theres alot of smacktards around trying to keep me from my glorious EXP addiction and I need to figure out a way to stop them from logging on their 60's and ganking my ass. I need bodyguards... Anyone want to help?

/played 3 days 16 hours

Interesting facts:
-I became 21 recently so thats what I'm using as an excuse for not being on.
-Its sad that I need an excuse not to play
-Apparently at 35 I can join the guild with the people I came to play with.
-35 ETA 4 days

Friday, July 21, 2006

Its been a while...

So I havent been playing WoW lately because outside forces are at work. I tried playing again today and noticed how slow the damn exp bar was moving. It takes about 4-5 hours per level now and its really bringing me down. I'm still 30 and I'm not feeling that this is hard enough or rewarding enough. If I make it to 60 what am I proving? I can play a pet class without armor or many bonuses. PVE is just as easy as it was before and its starting to bring me down. I cant go on grinding this long per day I just dont have enough time to invest in this game. WoW has some major flaws that this project has pointed out. You lose nothing when you die so there is no risk. The reward isnt very good either because you just level up and theres another level in front of you. At the end game instead of more levels there are actually pseudo levels initiated by the players themselves. There are multiple teirs of armors and such and raiding becomes a job. So you raid for DKP which turns into gear which just becomes another form of grinding. If I did make it to 60 the game would effectivly stop there because I would not be equipped well enough to go on raids. Guilds would probably only want me for novelty factor and the hunter class or all classes might end up taking a massive nerf.

Interesting Fact:
-I am thinking of starting up a warrior and trying that naked
-I am thinking of removing all armor and rings and seeing if that makes a difference
-It takes way too long to level.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Level 30 and livin it up

There comes a point in every mans life... Where he realizes that hes halfway done with something. That point is when he says to him self, "I've climbed halfway up the mountain the rest cant be so bad" Little does the man know that past the halfway point the incline gets much steeper. Also theres bears up in them thar hills. So now the man must fight bears for footholds in the perilous rock. Thats how it should go right?

So far getting to level 30 has been a cake walk. I log on play for a couple hours and I level and log off. I've mentioned the project to some people I know and they said, "But you are a hunter of course you can do it" but they dont know that I can still solo mobs without my pet. PVP has actually become more of a challenge. I've been getting my ass kicked more often than not at this point so I generally try to avoid combat. Unfortunatly the zone I need to head to to build at is highly contested all the time Hillsbrad! I need to go there till 34 or 35 and then I can head to stranglethorn vale. Basically I think the hardest part is going to be dealing with other players ganking me repeatedly trying to break the armor that I am wearing. Now my new limit I think its going to be in the 45 range. I dont know if I can make it there because I'll be in gank central and will be fighting it out with the big boys. The level 60's

If I didnt lag so horrendusly I would have a /played. I think I'm up to 3 days 4 hours

Interesting facts:
-Still havent gotten up off my lazy ass and called blizzard to ask them about this.
-Friends get in the way of WoW
-Might be getting a mactop
-Bit torrent lags my system too much to play WoW

Friday, July 07, 2006

Titan Quest

The fact that I have friends really slows down this project at times. I could have been much further along except for the fact that people keep bothering me. I am one of those people who actually puts people ahead of videogames, although what I do with other people is play videogames. So its like some kind of cycle of lame where I avoid one thing by doing the same thing but slightly different somewhere else. Long story short I purchased titan quest and I'm 2/3rds of the way done thats why there havent been posts.

/Played 3d 4h 53m

Interesting Facts:
-Titans Quest is extremely buggy however it is an amazing game.
-I need to get to level 40 to catch up with my friend who is moving his character to lightningsblade.
-Another one of my friends is building up an alliance warlock just to kick my ass because he hates my idea.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

29 halfway to 30

I went to warsong gulch and all I saw was glory. I was the top of my team both times I went to the gulch. I fought for the horde and did very well too well infact. I must be some kind of PVP god considering the insanity of the equipment I was up against. There must have been hundreds of gold spent on their enchantments alone.

Interesing Facts:
-The project is continually getting easier with every level.
-My pet is a death machine.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Artwork like I promised... Except on monday!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Level 28 rocks my socks!

I'll post the picture of me dancing with a night elf when I get back on my desktop... Cause right now I'm roaming. I'm almost done with my stay at Ashenvale and I'm about ready to head to Stranglethorn Vale. When I get around 38 or so my friend is going to start playing again so I can have someone to duo with to tide off the tedium of grinding solo. I got some new armor and weapons at this level because I just like to get nice things. This post is also the first one after I've gone public on the WoW forums. For any of the new people I say welcome and there is going to be a recap at level 30 which will include a foreign language section. On monday I am going to call blizzard tech support and ask them why this is possible and if they intended for this to happen. In all honesty when I started this project I never expected to get past 20.

Interesting Facts:
-The image will be up tomorrowish
-I didnt go to dinner with my co-workers cause I'm lazy
-Titan Quest is actually a really buggy but really good game.
-I havent shaved since I've been in public.

27 is such an awkward level


I'm almost 30 but I dont get any new skills which makes this level the "almost there but not yet because you are hoping too much" state of the experiment. I can still take 3 same level mobs at once without breaking a sweat. I'm now devestating in PVP because I have two stun skills and although I dont have armor I havent lost one fight today. I beat the crap out of a fully geared enchanted druid and warrior it was very close though. What I've realised in this is that its more important to disable the pet than it is to disable the hunter. My pet is actually more badass than I am so you need to eliminate him first he doesnt have as many skills as he can but he can still solo a player in pvp... which is frightening. Blizzard if you are reading this was this intended when you first created the game?

I am seriously considering adding more restrictions to this project such as:
-No stat boosting at all only damage additons this removes all armor and weapons that are magic.
-No weapons just go unarmed or maybe a 10 level cap on weapons (if I am 30 I can only use weapons up to level 20)

/Played 2d 16h 39m

Interesting Facts:
-Nerf Pets hps and armor I dont think they are supposed to replace your character.
-Boost armor levels 1-30 this should be more important than it is
-Boost monster damage 1-30 make the game a little harder
-Boost weapons 1-20 those were the hardest levels
-Give wing clip a longer cooldown... I just dominate with that.