The Naked Troll Project

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Level 44

I made it to level 44 in like... 2 days. This is the bonus of school not starting till after everyone else leaves for college. Grinding is probably gonna slow down again because uhh school starts. Yeah so I've been getting better at pvp where I can take out like 3-4 levels higher than me. BUT!!


The most important thing to ever happen to this project.... EVER

Its getting harder...

I dont know if the hunter class gets more balanced later on or what, but it is getting harder for me to fight groups of 2+ monsters. I'm down to fighting only one at a time and if a second comes in I have like a 20% chance of dieing. Also I can out DPS a hunter fully geared of equal level by about 10%. DPS meter for the win!

Aside from the recent increase in toughitude of the monsters, the players have been getting worse at pvp as I go along.

/played 7 days 8 hours

Interesting Facts:
-I'm on a vent server with a bunch of people I like them
-My guild is completely awesome... If you like alcoholics... Risen

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Level 40

As you can see I have a gigantic pink dinosaur, I got pink for two reasons.
1.) I can claim that this dinosaur is infact chunkasaurus
2.) It matches colors with my good buddy chunkasaurus

Level 40 Forum Fun! *sorta*

The forums were updated so everything got wiped. This means you cant read what happened with my post. Basically the gist of it is that people love to criticize anything that they possibly can. So the good points that were gleaned from the shit that was thrown is that the hunter class is very imbalanced.

Forum Points
-people want me to roll a warrior. I think I might take them up on this offer
-I will no longer wear boots and gloves
-I will no longer wear jewlery

Things that are on the table
-No longer use talents at all. (this is a big one)
-Use weapons 10 levels lower than I should.

I'm gonna start a new special addition to the usual posts. I'm going to try to stuff in building up a naked warrior. With screenshots and the like... We'll see how far a warrior lasts, I think I'd be able to go all the way armor dependancies can suck it!

Jumba Level 40 Played 6 days
OrangeHammer Level 2 played 3 minutes

Tuesday, August 22, 2006



Monday, August 21, 2006

39 is the lonleyest number

I want 40 so bad it burns. As I am writing this right now I must grind more. Theres Yes... thing... dont worry everything is fine... People are starting to ask why I dont have armor... and I respond with I'm going to get leve 650 without armor. Dont worry everything is fine I'm the best hunter in the world. I am a super hero of wow. Like the world cennot conceive. You know what? fuck spellcheck I am a hero. heroes done tneed spellcheck. U wwoned if I cka ntowq Stfuruoop dont worry th... fuck

inteorosting facts_
fuckbean s:

Friday, August 18, 2006

Level 38 and rising

Alright I'm almost 39 and I need a mount. I have about 40 gold at my disposal and theres about 30 left to go... I'm gonna be dirt poor after this but I'll at least be able to move fast. I've been playing alot of diablo II recently so I picked up a bunch of heal potions and chug them randomly. I've been getting into the mentality of killing everything in my path and its really helped me get back into the mindless killing portion of the game. As I am writing this post I am currently firing arrows into some troll's face. Stranglethorn Vale is pretty excellent aside from the random attacks from ?? alliance. I tend to go afk while pveing alot... Mainly because its more entertaining than the actual fight.

So I've learned a few new tactics to fight the alliance with.
1. They are kinda like bears... if you just dont do anything while they are attacking you. They will eventually leave you alone to go find less boring prey.
2. Gold farmers are frightening because they will find you no matter where you are and constantly camp you. Dont fuck with the chineese!
3. If there is a rogue just hit it in the face alot and it will drop easy.
4. Mages are afraid of hunters they just run even if you are attacking them or not.
5. I tried to have a conversation with an alliance I just kept talking to them and they eventually stopped swinging at me in which they responded back in their own language. We had a tea party it was pretty great I set down a campfire and we danced and talked of times past.

In other news I'm gaining notoriety by doing instance runs. I'm "that naked guy" now. I've done RFD a couple times and all of SM a few times. I have the gear... but I cannot use it. Its as if the armor gods are taunting me. My will to not put on the phat loots will not break, as I face the gods and laugh! At 40 another post gets thrown down in general and hunter forums I need to make this a little more public and hopefully blizzard will take notice. I can forsee 3 options that blizzard could take. The first one which is the most reasonable is just to ignore what I am doing as a problem and continue doing what they are doing in regards to balance changes. The second is more drastic it would be a huge nerf to the hunter class in regards to how strong the pet is and how much agility affects critical hits. The third would be my character getting outright deleted and this website shutting down because blizzard not wanting this idea to get out. Cut off the tumor before it spreads...

My first attempt at a SM run was with a member of the guild my cousins are in. He was the only one ever to not group with me because of my lack of armor. It was fairly pitiful that one of the high end guilds on the server are so stuck up and rude that I dont think I can join them later on. Mainly because of the way I keep getting treated when I talk to their members. I'll have to talk to them when I get to 50.

Interesting Facts:
-A massive post for a triumphant return!
-I threw a dance party in goldshire with a couple guildies
-I'm in a new guild "Risen" they are pretty cool they always have something interesting to say.
-I'm afk playing wow right now.
-These posts are being written well in advance now.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Level 36

Well I'm back into the swing of things with WoW. I just forget to post on this blog, although theres not much new information to be had except for the fact that I've leveled. Its basically the same old stuff since the beginning. Armor seems to have no affect on anything really my natural armor is up to 298. Weapons are important that I cannot stress enough. Weapons are what makes this game. If you want to win you are going to want to buff your weapons and get the best ones you can possibly get. I win more than I lose in pvp although I have no armor which is fairly disturbing. I'm hoping that I reach 60 before burning crusade so I can be one of the first hunters to 70 while naked. Burning crusade also seems to be giving you alot more choices for PVP especially the new arenas and the removal of the honor system somewhat. I cannot wait for this to happen although I would love to be 60 before burning crusade. So I will try to post every day starting today... Next post will be after snakes on a plane.

Interesting facts:
-Keep forgetting to post because I havent done this in a while.
-Its hard to play in the summer because theres friends running around wanting to hang out
-Snakes on a plane at 10 pm tomorrow

Monday, August 07, 2006

I called blizzard...

Well I called technical support since thats the only line commoners have access to. I told the guy on the other side about my project and that I've made it to level 34 and he responded with, "I've never heard of anyone attempting this before and you'd have to talk to the developers" So basically he said I have a fat chance in hell of actually getting blizzard to listen to me. So I'm going to post again on the forums soon. Lets say when I get level 40 since I'm riled up it'll get me to play consistently until my goal is reached.

Blizzard... I'm calling you out!

Interesting facts:
-I asked the guy if I could fly down there and schedule a meeting
-Technical support is very nice. If you ever eff up your system you should call them

Wrassling with linux.

So... I bought a new computer from newegg. To store files... and render... and it turns out its leaps and bounds faster than my desktop. Got it for $633 and it can run anything ever made with ease.

Pentium D 805 2.66 ghz (can be overclocked to 4.0)
2 GB cheapass ram
x2 120 GB harddrives not gonna be raided cause I'ma dual boot linux and windows
Geforce 7300 GT
Asus Nforce motherboard of some kind

Anyways put it all together and you get an incredibly fast rig. The problem is I've been fighting it to the death for the past few days and I got WoW running for a total of 12 seconds... well on linux anyways. I dont have an extra lisence of windows yet so I cant get it to reliably run my games or rendering software. But my god... dual core linux runs like a dream and the games I can play on it *quake 4* runs leaps and bounds better than I've ever seen it play... Max graphics with multiprocessor support... HOLY HELL...

Gimme a few more days and I'll be back on WoW killing whatever it is that I logged off next to.

Interesting Facts:
-The computer is named Shark in honor of shark week.
-The computer's case looks like a refrigerator
-Shark week kicks ass.