The Naked Troll Project

Saturday, September 30, 2006


Alright 3 levels left to go this is going to be incredible. I've already started making plans for what I am going to do at 60. Hopefully these will be realized once I reach that level.
1. Get raid gear and put it in a bag
2. Get high ranking in BG
3. Get people to eat bugs with my vast sums of unused money.
4. Get Engineering up

My god... the grinding is becoming mind numbing. It just... hurts to play. I'm gonna get 60 this weekend I'm sure. Hell yes.

/played 12days 22 hours

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Forum attack!!!

Level 56 posting this in the general forums.

"In advance I apologize for the long post.

Alright to catch people up who don't know of my quest. I'm leveling from 1-60 without wearing armor. I'm playing a hunter class. So far there really hasnt been a difference since the beginning of the game. I'm completely able to tank a mob while my pet and I are focus firing on a second. I don't think armor really matters in this game especially for pet classes. Yes some of you are going to immediatly say, "Durr hurr this is no big deal because you hide behind your pet" I'm now going to break down why it is infact a big deal.

1.) The lack of armor in PVE does not seem to factor in with survivability at all I can take a good 10-20 hits from mobs around my level. Throughout this entire time it has been a steady scale. The game does not infact get harder as you go along which is incredibly suprising considering with most other MMO's soloing is not possible past level 20.

2.) Economic factor: Repairing my gear is about 15-30 silver. This is an incredibly low number for this level. Along with this I can sell practically anything I pick up aside from quest items which generates an incredible amount of income. I'm not really sure what the average gold of someone around my level is but I have 370g and this is with buying a mount, and decent weapons on the AH along with enchants. If everyone did this the economy would be drastically different. Inflation would be out of control.

3.) PVP is a huge deal with this whole no armor thing. I've beaten the crap out of plently of level 60's out in world pvp and in battlegrounds I dont do too badly. Although I've chosen to play as a defender most of the time so I don't really get out there and get kills. But when I do fight in BG I don't seem to do badly I kick a fair amount of ass. I'm not sure if its actual skills or the class being way to overpowered. I prefer to main humble in that regard so I'm gonna say its the hunter class.

I know the "epic hunters" are going to immediatly whine and tell me to play a warrior class but I know this is because I threaten pretty much everything the class has to offer in a huge nerf. Such as getting rid of our rediculously high base DPS and how badass our pets are.

Also in answer to the inevitable question of "DO U GET GROOPS?" Yes I get tons of instance groups, all I gotta do is explain myself and perform excellently.

Once I reach 60 it is by no means the end of this project. I have plans to start up a mage or a warrior. Not really sure what I feel like playing next. Either way I'd rather have constructive criticism than random attacks on my person. Thanks in advance...

On a final note yes we are totally broken but blizzard is fighting people like me with the BC update. Hunters armor and statistics will scale the power of your pets. This also includes other classes with pets such as warlocks. "

Here is the post

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jumba enters the witness protection program.

What I mean by that is I did a character transfer so I can play with my real life friends who randomly decided to play again. Unfortunatly my amazing name of Jumba doesnt work on this server so now I am known as Juffowup. Any Star Control fans out there would get the reference. For those who arent an explanation at the very end of this post will explain. So... this might wreak havok on the allakazahm account. So I get to deal with that... and gaining infamy on this server so I can get groups.

An approximate excerpt from guild chat as I left:

Jumba:"I'm leaving for mal'ganis"
guild:"What? Wait? Why?"
Jumba:"Because you are gay"
Jumba has been removed from the guild

So now that that is done with. I need friends on Mal'Ganis if any of you people who actually read this are on MG send me a tell. My name is Juffowup and I'm still the naked troll hunter.

The guild I joined on the new server seems to be one of the most badass on this server for multiple reasons. It makes me feel like I am back in Risen, well a more organized version of
1.) It's ok to say things like this to higher ranking people, "Shut up you god damned tree fucker"
2.) This guild is filled with alcoholics.
3.) My best friends happen to be in it as well.

On another note I finally made it to 56, Leveling is becoming extroardinarily boring... GRRRIIINNDDD

/played 12 days 4 hours

Interesting Facts:
-Havent tried getting a group on this server yet.
-I cant find a good place to grind that is my level.

Juffo-Wup is the hot bright light in the darkness. Whatever is not Juffo-Wup is The Non, and The Non can become The Void. And what the Non doesnt become is what Juffo-Wup can become. (dont yell at me if I didnt get it right... its confusing as hell)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Level 52 and Blizzard is putting on the crush.

Eyonix posts,

"Alright, I will provide you and everyone else with two tidbits of information that we've not yet revealed through any source. Both of which I'm personally very excited about, and hopefully you will be as well. First, when the Burning Crusade launches, healing over time (HoTs) spells such as Rejuvenation and Renew will stack for every player casting them. For instance, if there are three priests in your group, a target could potentially receive three renews as one time. Second, we're going to be scaling Warlock and Hunter pets come expansion so that they become stronger as the player gains more statistics through itemization.

Now you can't say that I've never given you anything, you know, besides Lightwell...

Alright so now blizzard is doing something about this naked thing... I gotta get to 60 fast. Well unless it just means my pet is gonna be more badass with gear... which makes me obsolete... As it stands now I kick the crap out of other armored hunters...

Interesting Facts:
-Lol Blizzard

Monday, September 11, 2006

Fifty Forum Fun

Here we go an explanation of what I have done up until this point. Sometime late june I was convinced to resubscribe to world of warcraft by my cousins. I started playing again but this time I had to do something to keep me from getting bored. I thought to myself what would make this game as hard as possible, so I looked to the later levels for inspiration. Theres 3 teirs of end game armor and apparently the next teir is so much more powerful than the last. I assumed that this game was extremely armor based for just about everything, dps, damage reduction, mana pool, especially since the accumulated stats through every peice of armor is in the hundreds.

My original goal was to reach level 60 with only wearing gloves and boots. I thought I would not make it past level 25, boy was I wrong. I made it to level 40 and decided to stop wearing armor entirely and I even removed the jewlery.

I am now running around at level 50, with nothing but a polearm, a gun, and a couple trinkets that dont add to stats. I've been accepted to an end game guild and I can't wait to see if I can actually raid.

So here is where I answer the common questions aside from "Why don't you wear armor you freak?"

1. "Put on your damn armor your DPS is gonna be low"

Actually my DPS is equal to if not higher than hunters of equal level with armor on.

2. "You can run instances without armor?"

Yes sir I've run many many instances, I'm becoming fairly infamous on lightningsblade because of it.

3. "What happens when you get to 60?"

Not sure I think I'm gonna have to get to level 70 for burning crusade and then decide what to do.

4. "What are you gonna do with all the raid gear?"

Keep it in a bag so I can still be tier 2 but not wear it. They ask... I show them my tier 2 gear.

5. "Roll a warrior"

Gonna do it once I get to 60.

General Forums
Hunter Forums

10 levels left... 25 more than the original hypothesis...

Well... I made it to 50... This calls for another milestone post in the WoW forums. I mentioned it in LFG and the reaction was good. So this time I'm closer to my goal, which is well within reach now. I feel unstoppable now in more than just completing this challenge but also in pvp. A group consisting of a 43 rogue, 42 preist, and I managed to demolish two groups of 5 level 45's. I would set my pet on one... they would be done within 30 seconds even if they mounted, bestial switfness is a godsend. It was a lop sided battle... you know me with no armor, and two low fourtys fighting decked out alliance groups.

I'm going to reach my goal I have no doubt in my mind. The question is before or after the hunter burning crusade talents are released?

In other news... Being naked is a gold mine, It costs around 60s to repair everything, and the loots I sell on the AH rake in the dough. I have single handedly driven down the price of mageweave to 1g per stack on lightingsblade. It is now cheaper than wool which is a pretty magnificent acheivment I think. I spent 10g on just AH fees putting up what I found today, which I hope will be payed back in spades tomorrow.

/played 9 days 13 hours

Interesting Facts:
-I'm really tired right now... and I dont care enough to spell check.
-The screenshot is of my health bar after fighting 6 harpies non stop.
-I will make sure to fraps the event of me acheiving level 60 and put it up on youtube.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

49 and standing tall

So today I ground off ogres in ferelas to 48 and then I went to searing gorge and did quests... which was an alright idea cause most of the quests were kill everything in this area for a while. I got like 70% to level and then went to tanaris to finish it off with a couple quests. Quests in the grinding area seem to speed me up... If not for those quests it would have taken me an extra hour to level. Although random 60 alliance kept running by, dismounting and then proceding to gank the shit out of me. I dont know what the hell about this gets them off... killing a naked troll? Or one shotting someone they dont even get honor points for? I joined some random guild my good buddy zeath hooked me up with... But they are not alcoholics and they dont swear enough or make fun of people for my taste. So I decided its finally time to apply to get into the guild I joined the server for. Nightmare on Elf Street... a bunch of friends and family are actually in that guild.

Alas poor Risen... you will always hold a special place in my heart.

People keep telling me to put some damn pants on... I wonder if this is going to progress to threatening to cut my legs off soon.

Along with the whole clothing thing do trinkets count? Cause I have like a sponge or something that removes a bleeding effect. Luffa the wonder sponge. Its more like a secret extra spell than anything else... Doesnt add stats, doesnt add armor... its a spell remove bleeding. I'm gonna consider it that.

Oh something interesting to talk about is the talents I've been picking. I've basically gone down the beast mastery tree. Making my pet as much of a DPS powerhouse as possible. I havent spent points in that tree aside from making my pet hit harder. It is incredibly usefull in pvp to do a bestial wrath so then the damn warlocks and mages cant do crap to it. Also bestial wrath makes my pet giant, red, and deal +50% damage. Intimidation is another good one, a 3 second stun that can easily change the tide of the battle. I recently added +30% pursuit speed which came in handy when a elf tried to run a way... Too bad for him chunkasaurus recently got his running legs on. He chased him down into a river and mauled him to death. So aside from that I put points into marksmanship. The talent that reduces mana for my shots and the one that increases crit chance by 1% for each point. My build works suprisingly well in pvp as well as pve just make sure you hit the mage hard and fast.

In other news, the game is still just as easy.

/played 9 days 4 hours

Interesting Facts:
-I miss Risen
-WoW is my anti-drug
-I wonder if this could lead to a job as a game tester for mmo's?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

13 levels left (47)

Thirteen levels left... I am so close to level 50 I can taste it, but that wont be for a few days at least. School started again so I'm gonna be very busy with my classes. Good thing all of them are entertaining... lighting design and intro to philosophy! I am retracting my statement of the game getting harder as I get closer to 60. It was just a specific hunting spot that I was having difficulty's with because all the damn spawns were invisible and it was just a huge pain in the ass. I got a polearm which is absolutely amazing I hit for 150-200 with it.

Now heres the really important part...

I talked to a GM yesterday and what we basically said is that hunters dont need armor, however I should be able to deal more damage with armor on because of the stat bonuses. The real kicker though is that although I do not have armor I regularly out damage my hunter peers by about 10%. (DPS meters are nice) the GM's response to this was, Your increased damage may actually have to do with skill. Which got me thinking that if someone trained naked... that they could increase their damage output by 10% at least. Then put the armor back on and get like 10% more. A massive 20% damage increase in total ***(THE PREVIOUS STATEMENT WAS PURE ASSUMPTION)***

Interesting Facts:
-I've spent over 100g in the past day
-Banana Chunks