The Naked Troll Project

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Doing instances are about as efficient as standing next to a lamp.

For the past day I spent countless hours trying to get the damn wingblade. It has prevented me from leveling for quite some time. I'm getting it because I really like the stats and how its an actually decent weapon. I've been trying to do this quest off and on for about a week and I absolutely loathe it. I finally got the thing and I should get a nice weapon for the offhand as well. So now that I'm 26 I'm about to start upgrading everything again. Every 4 levels or so I do this to keep fresh.

Ok enough of this damn WC crap and on to the meat. Today I did not die a single time in pvp against a hunter, a warlock, a druid, and a fully decked out warrior. Most people ended up either running or just getting their faces punched in by my raptor. I just keep getting better at this naked thing over time. I don't take hits and I bring the noise to the party. Engineering is a nice sidekick if you have a flair for the dramatic. One of the fights I was in I started off with a stick of dynamite from the trees and swooped in and had my raptor flank them. Yes I planted my raptor off in the bushes for an ambush and yes it was amazing. The elf was just in a state of shock when I jumped on her and it was absolutely amazing. I'm still scared to crap of battlegrounds because they are geared up specifically to own my ass.

Engineering is starting to take time away from owning crap too. I'm not getting much of a payoff from it especially with the time spent mining and then the time spent crafting stuff. Its a waste of time and money at this point.

/played 2 days 11 hours 56 minutes

Interesting facts:
-There is a trinket that makes you dance... and I must acquire this somehow.
-I don't know if the wingblade was worth it.
-I couldn't upload the image for this post because of an error.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hmmm weekends eh?

Although the weekends seem like the best time for grinding it doesnt work out that way. For some strange reason I hang out with my friends mostly around these isles of refuge from work. Therefore no grinding gets done and I'm left to post random filler text on saturday and sunday. Since I am technically fully trained as an artist now I'm gonna start posting random animations or artworks on these two desolate days. I want to make peices related to events that take place in the game and an example would be a drawing of that damn gold farmer leaping off a cliff and into oblivion. So next week I'll get this stuff ready for the weekend and post it then. Feel free to comment and tell me my work sucks.

Interesting facts:
-Yesterday I was told by one of my friends that I am starting to sound like a babbling 13 year old. So the rest of the posts will be much more professional (I'ma spell check!)
-I'm 21 next month
-I'm majoring in Animation/Video for a bachelor in fine arts.
-When I am out of college I am gonna be broke off my ass and probably trying to scrape a small animation/videogame company together with my buddies.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Oh man I've got a snake. This is the coolest ever... I can have two pets out at once... I am the freaking beast master! Anyways on to the point, Ive done a few important things today. Level 24-25 have been the threshold of a new phenomenon. I'm missing like crazy I dont really know why. Its on specific enemies I think its a warrior skill but I dont really know because I never really played a warrior up to the 20's. Just like my previous post I can still tank like a mofo but now I'm about 10x better at mob managment so I can effectivly fight 3 creatures at once and the beastslaying enchants are actually noticable. The second thing of note that happened today is that I met either a bot or some guy who cant speak english. I was doing a quest that involved killing a bunch of things so I wouldnt feel bad about not grinding and this guy invites me to a group. So I go along with it thinking hes helping me out but instead the guy is a machine, he just wanders around killing shit and coming close to death every time. A ring drops and since I think rings dont count as armor since they dont actually add anything to armor I roll on it. This guy also rolls on it and he gets it. So I tell him I'll buy it for 5g because I have money that isnt really going anywhere and I should use it somehow. No response so I raise the bid to 10g... still nothing. So I'm thinking anyone in their right mind would trade a trashy ring for 10g. The guy then quits my group and runs off and off a cliff. So now I'm thinking to myself... wtf just happened? Did I fall victim to a gold farmer? So I did the thing any warm blooded american would do... talk to a friend who knows how to speak chinese in order to swear at the person behind the computer. So if you ever find yourself in this situation send them a tell with "wang ba dan" which means bastard. See this blog is educational now, it spreads culture and language to the masses.

Interesting Facts:
-In the image at the top of this post are my guildies Hoovesnhorns and Vorath we have a ton of animals.
-My snake is red.
-"Wang ba dan" = Bastard
-I'm slowly going crazy with all this grinding I might need to take a break with questing for a few levels.
-I think I can make it to 40 without problems
-I really suck at being a hunter in PVP terms
-This is the special edition of NTProject its a sandwich.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rested Exp is like CRACK

So things have been going fairly easy except for ranom gankage by the occasional pack of 5 monsters that spawn on you at once. I'm pretty sure most people are susceptible to that bullshit. I finally got to level 24 I think I'll make it to 25-26 tomorrow or so. I dont know depends on whats going on. My armor is still super low... I can still tank orange mobs... and my pet is now classified as a wmd. All in all the project is still rolling along pretty damn well and I'm almost at the halfwaypoint numerically wise... I need to have a special post then with cake and nachos or something. This whole global barrens chat thing kinda pisses me off because nobody is screaming "GAY" all the time where I am building... and I get lonely.

Interesting Facts:
-Thanks to rested exp getting a quarter level took 10 minutes.
-The game is infact getting easier as I level which is frightening.
-The friends who were gonna play with me still havent started up while I'm almost in the 30's
-I'm about to reach the range where I get to go to stranglethorn vale, ashenvale, stonetalon mountains and thousand needles.
-I did infact spend the day with girls instead of playing WoW.
-We played tennis and I'm really bad at tennis.
-I'm worse at bowling.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hurray for patch day!

Yaaaaayyy I havent been able to get in because blizzard effed up the patcher! Thanks! So instead I'ma animate some shizz! Yes thats right... I'm an animator! I did this in about 15 minutes not including the coloring. Here is the link to the animation

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Almost got 24 tonight

4 bubbles away from 24 too tired to post anything coherent so you'll just have to deal with this shit. Anyways I got a wailing caverns group today with a couple of my guild mates... something magical happened. Everyone tore off their clothes. I think Im starting a cult here. I dont know how many people are reading this blog but if you all post a comment on this post I'll have a decent idea. Anyways I grabbed engineering and mining and thats been actually coming along well I am getting very decent at it. I yelled at Aedak and told him he is not a man unless he takes off his clothes and tanks ragnaros. I'ma bout to crahs and thing. I dont understand what is wrong with this game... as I level up its actually getting easier. I can tank orange mobs now... although its less efficient to kill them. I thought I would be completely dependant on my pet by now but I am not. I can effectivly kill things in melee combat. Really really weird. I almost made it to my next milestone in a day which also makes me think that 25 isnt a good milestone and I'll push back the next recap till 30.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Slow goings to 21 but 22-23 should happen tomorrow.

So not much happened today because its fathers day and I spent time rocking out with my dad mainly because he is the man. I got him one of those things that connects the tivo to your wireless network. (So you can watch CSI on the toilet.) So far its pretty sweet in that regard.

Anyways on to WoW news I finally got into a WC group and a Battlegrounds. When I was grouping for wailing caverns a couple people were asking about my armor and they didnt seem to care much. I was DPS so I didnt need to tank. The only issue we ran into was actually not my fault... We had some dumbass warrior who just randomly quit on us which made the preist ditch us. Which then collapsed the group and I just said, "fuck it dude... lets just go battleground." Then the guy called me a loser and I went to BG alone. Since I had leveled to 20 I forgot that I was going to be the lowest level in the 20-29 area of warsong gultch. I entered warsong gultch some guy asked whe the mage had no clothes and I responded with, "I'm a hunter and NO PANTS FOREVER!" Surpisingly I offed about 3 people. They happened to be the only two close to my level range and not super twinked for battlegrounds. If I didnt have to go against a gnome rogue with two fiery enchants and batshit insaneo gear I'd have done fine. Infact if I wasnt the lowest level possible for that BG I'd have done much better. Basically I just got thwomped by everyone but my peers (who I never lost a fight to) untill I quit.

I'm thinking I will be able to make it to 25 or 30 without noticing a difference without armor. I can still tank mobs fine although I've been picking stamina heavy gear to make up for lack of armor. I think everything I have adds like 3 stamina at least. I bought a couple beastslaying enchants to add a little more damage to the creatures I have been grinding off of. It seems to help alot and my weapons are all glowey now. I like the glow it makes me look tougher than I am. Maybe those are +5 to damage buffs... you dont know... I'm dangerous!

Interesting Fact
-I've managed to drain my funds signifigantly to 12 gold on nothing more than boots, gloves, and weapons.
-I use a gyration air mouse which uses the same technology in the wii controller and this is totally badass.
-I have delusions of grandeur when it comes to PVP especially since I've been doing pretty well while naked.
-Its hot as balls over in swampsville so a polar bear like myself cannot survive in this climate for much longer.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Crossing the threshold to 20

I finally made it to level 20 without clothes so its time for a recap on all I've learned. So far I have seen little to no difference between actually wearing armor and not. I can tank even monsters fine without armor. The problem is when two or three mobs add on me I just get ganked. The most important thing for a level 1 - 20 is a good weapon thats pretty much the only thing that matters. There were some times where I wasnt doing so great without upgrading my weapons but once I did it was smooth like butter from then on. The pet has been a great tank most of the time keeping things off me while we are fighting. The fact that it levels up with me and that it scales up to fit current armor standards is a godsend. Chunkasaurus and I go way back to level 12 him we are currently rocking out in the barrens if you wanna find us. The grinding actually makes wow feel like a different game. I no longer feel like I am one of many just going through random quests because now I have control over the way I want to level. I just find a place with a good spawn rate and just tear through them for a while and move on. Reminds me of the good old days of the first generation MMO's. WoW has actually become fun again because of this. Try it and you'll see what I mean, its a completely different game.

Interesting Facts:
-I still have yet to ever battleground with this character
-I have yet to get into my first instance group mainly because the groups always turn into a random chat room involving gay porn and shooting semen in peoples eyes.
-I am thouroughly addicted to WoW again.
-I need to catch up to my level 60 buddies
-I've reached my first milestone that I thought I would not be able to.

Friday, June 16, 2006


I had to do alot of work today which seriously hindered any and all attempts at jumping on WoW. Sorry for a second day with no progress... But I can leave you with another humorous image. Since its made using "adobe photoshop image manipulation tool" I think its considered art and therefore fair use comes into play. If not I'll take it down and also if I get on wow tonight and something happens I'll replace this post.

Interesting Fact
-Work eats up lots of time.

Today blew ass

Look at me! I'm playing diablo 2 and getting gang banged by a pack of monsters! If you cant see where I am... I'm that ball of flames within the pack of zombies and assgoblins getting raped.
Too much personal crap is happening today to play. Mental health day... off WoW

Thursday, June 15, 2006

18 is better than nothing

Well its time to hit the hay because its 3 Am where I live... and its... 3 AM... Tomorrow I hope I get to 25 to cause I'm playing catch up to a friend I made yesterday. Hes a freakin leveling machine. Damnit why do you grind so much better than I!?!? So I leave you with this scene of a troll and his dino.

Interesting Fact:
-You dont need pants to make friends
-Most of these posts are done twice because of image size and getting it to look the way I want for the final version
-I need to edit the web page aspect of the blog to change it from a generic template to something more my own althought it actually fits quite well
-I think these facts are going to become a standard thing.

Crap forgot to post today

Holy crap long post and I thought this was gonna be a short one.

I missed it by 3 minutes. Apparently I've met a bunch of other people who grind... and one of em lives near me. I'm gonna go hang out with him at some point. I've had multiple people send me gold as of now. I should be level 17 by the time anyone actually reads this. My progress ground to a halt because I couldnt find somewhere to grind that was decent untill a couple hours ago. My boots are actually wearing down which means although I dont wear armor I still get repair bills... And those... are extremely cheap. I have made 3 gold which is a fortune for this level and I still havent noticed much of a difference with the armor thing. My biggest challenge has been publicising this Blog. I started giving out cards at work today with the link on it.

The way I am building currently is attacking one guy... sending my pet at it then changing targets to another guy and killing that while my pet is on cleanup... its very fast and efficient and I kill 2 targets in about 15 seconds. Grinding is much faster than questing currently.

In pvp I completely slapped the crap out of a mage. It was pretty fun he called me the coolest guy ever because I had no pants.

Oh a notice out towards people... I almost always have an insane amount of cloth but I need a ton of meat to feed my fatass pets... I will trade cloth for meat just whisper me in the game and I'll hook you up.

Interesting facts:

-I roflpwned a mage today in pvp 3 times
-I've tried to battlegrounds on 3 seperate occasions and never have I gotten in.
-I had to shave today because I went to work.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Checkpoint at level 15

Gaze upon the devestation unleashed by Jumba and his buddy Chunkasaurus

It is just getting easier and easier as I level up. I'm grinding like a mofo and its getting faster and faster to level. I've met a bunch of really nice people in my guild and I'm about 3 levels ahead of my peers. Barrens chat is still amazing. hopefully I can hit 20 tomorrow morning.

I have some fears about not being wanted in a group although I seem to do fine solo. Having no gear isnt a problem right now but soon its going to be a very big thing once people are supposed to have all green sets. While I have my two green items of gloves and boots. My pet better kick ass for me.

Interesting information:
-I've joined 4 guilds since I've been on the server
-I've played for 12 hours in total
-I like naming my pets chunky
-People call me turok

Monday, June 12, 2006

Level 10 and going strong

Here is a picture of me at level 10 with my pet crocolisk "Chunkerton"

I'm about halfway through level 10 as I am typing this. I am going to stop playing WoW for the night. This project seems to be working in the fact that I'm actually having fun while playing.

I chose the hunter class because I thought I'd have my pet tank for me so I can still be viable DPS in a group. So far it seems to be working well where I pound the crap out of things while my pet tanks. At these low levels I have not noticed a difference between wearing armor and not. I have a hypothesis that this is actually going to get easier as I go along. My pet will level up with me and continually get more badass so I dont have to considering pets are balanced in the fact that they are supposed to tank mobs around their level range.

The way people have been reacting to this have gone two ways so far. Most people are cheering me on and going, "YEAH NO PANTS FOREVER!" while some other people are calling me a moron or gay. Well sometimes the people who cheer me on also call me gay. I think its the fact that I'm naked.

Naked Troll Project

Ok... I'm really bored with WoW and I was finally convinced to come back. Since I am so bored I decided to make my ascension to level 60 more interesting. WoW is regarded as easy by MMO standards and I'd like to make it hard. So what can you do to nerf your character completely? Take away the armor.

As it stands right now the only armor I will wear are gloves and shoes because not even total badasses wander around without shoes on.

Something under debate is wearing cloaks and helmets because you can hide them. I'm not sure if that would be considered cheating or not.

I'll make my next post when I hit level 10